Is this the modern sex essential we’ve been waiting for?


From store shelf to bedroom, Maude’s Vibe is redefining the experience of sex with its high-design aesthetics

Have you ever popped to the nearest 7-Eleven to get a pack of Durex condoms, or a tube of KY lubricant only to get a bag of potato chips to hide it under? To make the experience even more excruciating, you have to make awkward and uncomfortable eye contact with the cashier. Somehow it always feels like the longest time you’ve looked into a stranger’s eyes. He — and everyone else in the store — knows your little secret; you’re going to do it. Considering sex should be a pleasurable activity, the combustible emotional cocktail of shame, guilt and anxiety at the point of purchase can certainly kill the anticipation of an intimate moment. Add to that, the cacophony of eye-searing packaging and kitschy names of sex products and toys that sit on the shelves of shady neon-lit shops can be off-putting.

Maude founders Dina Epstein and Eva Goicochea

US-based, women-led company Maude is seeking to change all of that. Founders Eva Goicochea and Dina Epstein’s mission is straightforward: sex made simple and better for all people. Their elevated line of sexual wellness products includes condoms and two varieties of lubricant, but it is Vibe, a discreet and powerful personal massager that has been receiving all kinds of praise from both men and women.

10 reasons we love the Vibe

1. Its dove-grey colour suggests the Hygge-worthy subtlety of Scandinavian ceramics, which is a far cry from the gaudy purples, pinks, reds, and black that are popular in the market.

2. Its soft curves call to mind Brancusi’s round-edged Sculpture For The Blind 1925 onyx piece, or even Google Map’s pin-drop location symbol. Accidentally leave it in your living room and your sweet mother won’t bat an eye.

3. Made with 100% soft-touch silicone, the 12-cm latex-free device feels just as good in your hands as it does on your body.

4. Its streamlined waterproof body offers the opportunity to use it all over your body, and home. Use your imagination because we’re not about to doll out instructions on being naughty in bed, yet.

5. The three-speed option to cater to newbies as well as the well-seasoned, from the gentle “it’s my first time” to the lip-biting “oh my god” and the euphoric “my neighbours are going to hear me”.

6. Nothing is more disappointing than a vibrator that needs a battery change, or when it turns off right in the middle of ecstasy, so Vibe charges via USB and doesn’t turn off unless the button is pressed and held.

7. For pleasure on the go and across borders, Vibe comes in a handy and discreet travel pouch. One less thing to be worried about at the immigrant security check.

8. Inclusivity has been built into its foundations from the very start using open and honest user surveys so Vibe feels universal no matter your gender, anatomy, sexuality and relationship status. Use it with a man, woman, or alone.

9. Complete your sexual health kit with the Quickie, a trial kit that includes one vial of lubricant and two easy-open, ultra-thin lubricated latex condoms. Pop them in your bag and be ready when the mood strikes to get to it – twice.

10. If the nine other reasons above weren’t persuasive enough, the Vibe is priced reasonably and available online so pleasure can be delivered to your doorstep without hurting your wallet.

The Quickie features one vial of organic lubricant and two rise easy-open, ultra-thin lubricated latex condoms

Buro’s Favourite: Vibe by Maude, is available at getmaude

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