If you’ve been wearing trendy emo tattoo chokers, it’s time to swap to boho babe anklets

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Talk about putting the right foot forward, eh?

Ask a woke male which is the sexiest part of a woman’s body and you’ll get more varied answers than “boobs” and “butt”. We’ve always found the collarbone particularly sensual, the back of the neck to be delicate and wrists to be graceful. The ankles, now that’s another story. Maybe it’s the foot fetish buried in all of us, maybe it’s their fragility in play, but we’re reasoning ankles are the reason why both sexes find the stiletto to be the arch of seduction.

And because towering heels are the antichrist as far as 2018 is concerned, anklets are filling in their shoes. Pun intended. Taking a big step forward in the accessories department, the little circle of youth once associated with the American summer life and blithe teenage road trips are reappearing around the feet of Gigi Hadid, Ashley Olsen and Jennifer Lopez who favour noughties rhinestones, classy pearls and minimalist gold chains.

Make it work for you. Should you be sporting dad sneakers and a mini skirt, draw attention to your gams with a solid stack. Go crazy. Combine seashell anklets with braids for major Rastafarian vibes. Sneak a delicate piece into the office over no nonsense pointy pumps and tailored tapered trousers. Avoid strappy shoes — you don’t want to deal with a hot tangled mess. Better yet, take it easy like the cool kids at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week and kick it in flip flops. It’s all good.


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