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Here’s where the state of social media stands now: it’s all about documentation. As compared to the hours we used to spend editing a photo just to clock up a decent amount of likes on our Instagram feeds, a large part of that time has now been devoted to filming every bit and fragment of our lives on Instagram Stories. And since it is after all, Instagram — it still has to look good, even for a brief 10 seconds.

Say no more, your audience is waiting. Here to help curate the perfect still or mini film on your feed are these wondrous apps. You’ll look like a pro in no time. 


Folks, meet the Kinfolk of all third-party apps. It’s almost like scrapbooking, minus the back bending. There’s so much aesthetic that goes into Unfold — whether it be the clean frames of two to three photos or the minimalist text in between. Like a Hallmark card, but better.

Instagram story app

Hype Type

If you like expressing yourself in words as much as you like to do with photos, this app can help you out. With plenty of font designs that can appear in motion (just like in PowerPoint), music and sound effects, your next story could look more a mini film in the making.

Instagram story app

Huji Cam

Cue light leaks and vibin’ flares, your next still — be it throwback pictures of you and your squad or your last vacation, can appear instantly cooler with the help of this app. Huji Cam takes you back to the retro days of 35mm magic. Its fan base include celebrities like Millie Bobbie Brown and Selena Gomez

Instagram story app


Leave it to Snow to make everything look beautiful. We mean it, even that #nomakeup selfie. With this app, you can enhance everything — from flawless skin to making the waters at East Coast Park seem deceiving blue. Probably also one of the reasons why you can’t trust everything you see on social media. 

Instagram story app

All apps are available for download on iOS and Android. 
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