PUBG introduces an elaborate training mode that goes beyond a shooting range


In most games, “training mode” is a blank canvas without much to see or do — that is, if there’s an educational feature at all. Next month, PUBG will introduce its own training mode that does more than just give you stuff to shoot. The entire map has been constructed to give you playgrounds to improve your skills across various specific areas.

This is all coming as a part of Battlegrounds’ larger “Fix PUBG” initiative, where the developers of the game laid out a roadmap toward improving the game’s performance, matchmaking, cheating, and general quality of life issues. The aim is to develop PUBG into a “better, more stable, and fairer game.”

The training mode, which debuts sometime next month, will include a traditional shooting range, but also a parachute practice area, a throwables range, a melee range, a parkour area, a close-quarters-combat course, vehile tracks, equipment tables, and special water surfaces. The hope is that new players will be able to learn the basics of PUBG without having to get destroyed every time they jump into a real match, while also providing a tool for more experienced players to refine their strategies. Even with more basic-sounding features, the PUBG corporation has included finer details to improve the experience: targets for instance can lean against trees, rather than just standing there idly.

The specifics of what will be included in the map are not set in stone, as the developers consider it a “living” map that can change depending on the needs and wants of the players. But as of now, here’s a peek at what it’ll look like:

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