How to spot (and avoid) a haunted property in Singapore


The Hungry Ghost month in 2018 (i.e. the seventh month in the lunar calendar) starts on 11 August. For believers, this is when the spirits of the dead return to feast and make merry. While ghosts and ghouls might be perfectly alright when they’re on-screen, or in someone else’s home – not so much if they end up being your housemates. Here’s a few tips and tricks to recognising a haunted property in Singapore, so you can avoid moving into one!

1. If the price is too good to be true

If the house you’re looking at is priced so outrageously low that it seems too good to be true…it probably is. When viewing a listing on, scroll or swipe down to learn more about past transactions in the same block (for HDB), project (for condo) or precinct (for landed property). Doing so will help you discern if the asking price for the unit you’re looking at is suspiciously low.

Whether it’s a ghost (or some truly awful neighbours), it’s probably best to give it a miss.

2. If the neighbours seem particularly awkward around you


Are the neighbours avoiding eye contact? Are they giving you non-committal answers when you ask them about the place?

There might be more this than just bad manners.

Be direct; Ask them flat out if they’ve heard of any strange goings-on in the house; if they start talking about the weather, make a run for it!

Note that younger neighbours, especially kids or teens, are less likely to lie.

3. If it’s got a creepy history

Ghosts, unlike millennials, aren’t particularly avid travellers. Watch a few episodes of Haunted Homes or American Horror Story and you’ll catch on that most ghosts choose to haunt the homes that they passed away in.

That’s why a quick Google search of the home you’re thinking of moving into is absolutely essential.

If the house has been the setting for any murders, suicides, or other type of violent accident or event, chances are there are some souls in the house who have not departed… and you should steer well clear of the unit unless you intend to um… finish their unfinished business.

4. If something just doesn’t “feel right”

Do you feel a sudden chill in the air when you walk into the house? Is your stomach doing flip-flops (and not the fun, you’re just crazy-in-love kind)? Do you have an overwhelming feeling of wanting to get out of the house as soon as possible?

Don’t be too quick to write it off as nothing.

If horror movies have taught us anything, these are sure signs of a spirit infestation — so excuse yourself and never look back, lest the owner shows his/her dissatisfaction with a blood-curdling stare!

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5. If the house has changed hands many times

Another red flag is if the home has had a long string of occupants, all of whom didn’t stay very long. So, when viewing a unit or house, always as the seller’s agent when the unit was last sold, and why. If you engage a seller’s agent, he/she can easily verify the sellers’ agent claims using comprehensive agent tools.

That’s not to say that a property that has changed has many times is definitely haunted. But if the transactions are on the cheap or even loss-making compared to the market conditions at the time, perhaps there’s an unwelcome tenant in the house that refuses to be evicted.

Call it herd mentality if you want, but if I see people selling a property on the cheap in a bullish market as if they’re running away from it…you should probably do the same!

6. If the house has an overwhelming amount of religious paraphernalia


If the house you’re looking at has crosses hung all over the house, or just a touch too many religious paraphernalia lying around the home, it might be worth questioning why that’s the case. Just a polite remark-question to the sellers’ agent and a nervous laughter/defensive reply could be your red flag.

I wouldn’t wait to find out if I were you. It might be nothing but plain old religious fervour, or it might be an attempt to keep some undesirable, otherworldly beings under control.

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