Yay or nay? The Jaw, Clare Waight Keller’s first sneaker for Givenchy

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The designer dips her toes into the sneaker sphere

It’s no secret that the Internet tribe is brutal. Give a decent human being an iPhone or a laptop to speak their mind and etiquette goes out the window. This phenomenon is no exception in the sneaker world; new designs that fail to impress in both aesthetic and tech are ripped to shreds. Though, artistic director Clare Waight Keller’s first pair of Givenchy kicks might just be well-equipped to fend off those out for blood.

Apart from the fact that the shoe earned its moniker ‘Jaw’ for an outsole that calls to mind the veneers of a great white shark (ergo, Jaws, the movie), perhaps more salient is that Keller seems keen on paving her own way in today’s sea of sneakers. While it’s a domain so intensely competitive even in the mainstream as the game of hype greatly rewards only the cream of the crop, Keller has shunned headlining trends — dadcore and sleek, sock runners — for a distinctive, industrial feel. It’s great, because Balenciaga‘s Speed Trainer really doesn’t need yet another step-sibling spawning from the other houses. 

Yay or nay? The Jaw, Clare Waight Keller's first sneaker for Givenchy (фото 1)

Delving into the details, the aforementioned jaw-like soles provide much of the high-cut sneaker’s heft, and is deftly complemented by a streamlined nylon upper, contrasting leather eye stays, and accented with a fabric sock peeking out. Presumably, for the added comfort of hugging a wearer’s foot snugly. Save for a white panel bearing the house name across the heel, the Jaw leaves its impression first with an all-black colourway that stars in the campaign (see above), but with an all-white option also available on the retail floor. Word is, blue and red are on the way — collectively, they mirror the colour scheme of the Jaws movie poster. 

Now tell us: would you love it or leave it?

Yes, it's got bite for sure.


Yes, it’s got bite for sure.

Nah, I'm walking out the door on this one.


Nah, I’m walking out the door on this one.

Available at Givenchy boutiques and www.givenchy.com from 17 August. 

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