60 People Reveal The One Thing They Love Most About Their Life Right Now

60 People Reveal The One Thing They Love Most About Their Life Right Now
Uroš Jovičić

1. “My dog. No matter how I feel, no matter what I’ve done today, I can come home and he will be there as happy as ever. He will be there for me whether I’m in a happy mood, a sad mood, or an angry mood. He’s just thrilled to be there with me. Sometimes, that’s all you need. Someone to just be there.”

2. “My parents. They are just humble people who worked hard and gave my sister and I the best they could. They are currently enjoying their retirement and being grandparents. If I have a fraction of their happiness when I’m their age, I’ll be blessed.”

3. “My children, who kept me going, kept me focused & kept me motivated after losing their father in a work accident. It was my children that saved me & kept me going. They are my everything & all I have worth living for.”

I4. “I love my family. They are with me through good times and bad times. I cannot thank them enough! Especially my mother who has been the most supportive parent.”

5. “My daughter…she keeps me grounded and reminds me when i need to take a step back. I love my family and my friends!!!”

6. “My son, he has changed me!”

7. “I become stronger as I move forward in life.”

8. “Even though it is burdensome sometimes, but I love the way I’m thinking.”

9. “The people I have in my life and the love they give to me unconditionally.”

10. “The love and support of friends and family.”

11. “The lessons i’ve learned.”

12. “I have a couple friends that I trust more than anything.”

13. “My intelligence and common sense. It’s helped me out a lot in life.”

14. “My ability to write. I just got a job where I write and it’s amazing. It’s the one thing I know I’m good at.”

15. “I love the fact that I woke up this morning to see another day! Thank you Jesus!”

16. “I have so many opportunities to write my heart out.”

17. “My family, which includes my close friends and dogs!!”

18. “All the amazing people in it.”

19. “My grandchildren they are the joys of my life.”

20. “The love and support from my family, friends and workmates.”

21. “My family. Including my friends who have become family.”

22. “Life itself and everything in it whether bad and good.”

23. “Where I live! It’s paradise! Durango Colorado! I also love my Job!!!”

24. “My job, my artwork, my husband, my 2 dog babies….”

25. “Reasonably healthy and retired!”

26. “Strength… the strength to carry on and let God lead the way…”

27. “The fact that there are very few things in life that I regret.”

28. “I opened my eyes today.”

29. “I thank God every time I see myself in the mirror and praise him for creating such wonderful creation.”

30. “My loving and supporting fam and crazy friends.”

31. “I don’t look my age, even though I’m beyond burned and stressed out.”

32. “I have my sight and hearing so I can read books and listen to music.”

33. “My perfectly imperfect family and even crazier friends.”

34. “Becoming more of my own woman, Not afraid to be who I am or say what I think.”

35. “My family = blood relatives, my dog, my boyfriend.”

36. “My wife and kids, they constantly challenge me but, I would be lost without them.”

37. “The gift of absolute peace and equinamity that I find in solitude.”

38. “Friends, those that I surround myself with. And those that would fight with me.”

39. “No matter how annoying they can get.. Most of the time.”

40. “I love being a mother. My two sons are my world.”

41. “That feeling after conquering a challenge that I thought I would never be able to overcome.”

42. “Ability to forget.”

43. “Every day I wake up is a gift!”

44. “I am happy being alone anywhere.”

45. “Being blessed in so many ways.”

46. “All the support I have!”

47. “The love from the power.”

48. “My boyfriend.”

49. “My family and career!”

50. “Freedom to travel.”

51. “My life itself. I am blessed!”

52. “My kids. The end.”

53. “Being healthy.”

54. “Being a mom of beautiful twins.”

55. “Coffee. Coffee and me are world.”

56. “I’m a warrior… a creative mind.”

57. “My makeup chair.”

58. “I have a great husband.”

59. “Just one?!?”

60. “Everything!” TC mark

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